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Established in 2004, DecentHost is a small web hosting company that strives in providing a decent web hosting for a very competitive price. Why just a decent host? If you search for the keyword "decent host" in Google, you will see that there are thousands of people who are looking for a decent host. Therefore, we will try our best to provide you a decent host, a host that thousands of people are looking for. We believe that our missions are not just providing the services, but to keep our customers satisfy as well. Therefore, we will be more than please to help you in anyway we can. So give us a try and you have nothing to lose.

Our servers are hosted on the SAVVIS network. SAVVIS has engineered its network around a single platform - AS3561 - which enables one global IP backbone, rather than regional Autonomous Systems stitched together. That means that once data gets on the network, itís a single BGP hop to the global network node nearest its destination. This minimizes the number of router hops and reduces the risk of downtime when traffic has to traverse multiple networks.

A single AS means:

  • Customers are only one hop away from content hosted on the SAVVIS network
  • Access to all of the routes on the Internet
  • A single end-to-end Service Level Agreement
Server Specifications
All of our servers have at least the following specs

Intel Pentium 4 - 2.8GHz
1024 MB RAM
CentOS 3.4

Here are some of our clients:
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